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IFTTT makes nice with Twitter, brings back tweet triggers and actions

When Twitter placed user caps on third-party clients last year, IFTTT was one of a few services that decided to halt tweet integration, lest it run up against that cap and have to figure out an alternate solution. According to TechCrunch, however, it seems that the Twitter integration is back after extensive talks between the two companies. IFTTT, if you aren’t aware, is a handy internet service that lets you create custom actions between different apps and services with a set of triggers and actions — an example would be to send a picture to Picasa any time you upload it to Instagram.

So as you might expect, there are now new tweet triggers and actions. Examples of triggers include “New tweet by you” and “New tweet by you with hashtag” while actions could be “Post a tweet” or “Post a tweet with image” among others. Some interesting IFTTT Twitter recipes include the ability to automatically tweet a link once you post it to Facebook, a way to hook up G+ posts to Twitter and even a recipe that’ll bypass Instagram’s turning off Twitter cards. And since IFTTT works well with connected hardware like the Belkin WeMo and the Philips Hue, you could also send a tweet to turn those devices on or off. So if you’re hooked into Twitter and would love some automation in your life, head over to the IFTTT link below to get started on a recipe or just create your own.


Source: IFTTT, TechCrunch

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