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写真を見ただけの私の直感では、ビックリするぐらい格好悪い という評価を付け加えておいた方がよいかもです。


Sure smart watches are the hot newness, but Sony’s already been there and done that. In fact, the company got a jump on IFA by first announcing its second-gen wearable way back in late June. The device did grab a brief mention at today’s press conference (due in part, we suspect, to something Samsung may have up its sleeve), and the device got some face time on the IFA show floor. The watch doesn’t look entirely unlike its predecessor, though there have been some modifications.

For starters, the display has been kicked up a bit to a 1.6-incher with 220 x 176 resolution. Of course, that’s still a tiny color touchscreen, so you’re only going to fit around six icons on there at any one time. The device is also slimmer than its predecessor, which goes a long way for something you’re going to wear on your wrist, though we wouldn’t exactly call it thin at the moment.%Gallery-slideshow79435%

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