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New Nexus 7 press shots leaked


New Nexus 7 press shots leaked

The new Nexus 7’s official unveiling might still be a few days away, but impatient tablet fans can get a peek right now: @evleaks seems to have come across the alleged device’s official press render. The image doesn’t do much to confirm the 7-inch tablet’s internal specifications, but what we can see matches previous leaks, giving us a clearer view of the device’s rumored 5MP rear-facing camera and and a branded backside — now lacking the dimples of the original.

A pair of speakers can be seen on the rear’s north and south ends and volume, power and a microphone input line the tablet’s right edge. On the front we can see an offset front-facing shooter, an underlining notification LED and what is most likely Android 4.3. No word yet on the device’s price, official availability or processor yet (previously reported as a 1.5GHz quad-core CPU), but we’ll let you know when Google spills the beans on the 24th.

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