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XPERIA X10 mini proのリーク画像 #xperia #xperiaarc #androidjp


XPERIA X10 mini pro successor leaks again, codenamed Mango – GSMArena.com news

The Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 mini pro successor, or SK17i as its model number is, is powered by a Qualcomm processor (MSM7230 Snapdragon probably) running at near 1GHz – 800MHz or 1GHz, it’s not clear. What matters though is good performance, which the Duo has according to those very early benches.
Anyway, the screen on the XPERIA Duo is 3-3.2 with HVGA resolution. The camera is a 5MP snapper with HD video and there’s a video-call camera too. A leak from January puts the amount of RAM at 384MB, but there’s no confirmation on that

Xperia mini proのリーク画像だそうです。

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